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Nothing in this site is intended to be financial advice. Margetts Fund Management Ltd believes that it is important that any investments you make are suitable for your needs. We recommend that prior to making an investment into any of our products you consult with a professional financial adviser who will be able to consider your particular investment and help you to determine which is most appropriate for your circumstances.

The Key Investor Information (KII) document, non-UCITS Retail Scheme Key Investor Information (NURS-KII) document and Supplementary Information document contain important information regarding our funds, including charges, tax and fund specific risk warnings etc. You should read these documents before investing in any Margetts product.

Some of the information in this website is based on our own views and opinions, which are subject to change without prior notice.

Margetts Fund Management takes all reasonable care in compiling the information on its website. However, errors or omissions in the information may occur because of a number of factors which are inherent in any internet access system and are not within our reasonable control. Some information is accurate only on the date that such information is supplied by Margetts, such as fund fact sheets and prices etc.

No liability is accepted for any errors or omissions and we would advise you to confirm the accuracy of any information with us before seeking to rely on such information.

Past performance is not a guide to the future. The value of investments and the income from them is not guaranteed and may fall as well as rise. When you sell your investment you may not get back the amount originally invested.

Funds with an emphasis on the generation of income may charge their annual management charge to capital. Investors should be aware that there is a potential for future capital erosion.

Certain funds may invest in overseas securities. The value of overseas securities will be influenced by the rate of exchange used to convert them back into the base currency of the fund. Fluctuations in rates of exchange may affect the value of overseas investments.

Certain funds may invest in emerging markets. Emerging markets have additional risks associated with local custody and registration practices that may be less developed than more mature markets.

Certain funds may hold sub investment-grade bonds (which typically have a low credit rating and carry a high degree of risk), which may affect the value of your capital.

Certain funds may hold smaller companies. Smaller companies may carry a higher risk due to their sensitivity to local markets and their shares may be illiquid.

Certain funds may hold derivatives and other securities, which may increase risk.

Please read the KII document, NURS-KII document and Supplementary Information document before making an investment, which will detail any specific risk warnings.

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